Winloot Online Lotto Style Sweepstakes

Do you like winning cash?  Do you like playing games online?  Do you like having fun? If you answered yes to any of these questions then is for you!

At WinLoot, we’ve created 7 free lotto-style games for you to play to win up to $1 Million Dollars! Our lotto style sweepstakes games are 100% free and can be played online.  You can hand-pick your numbers to play, or you can “Quick Pick” them, which auto-selects numbers for you! Winloot Online Lotto Style SweepstakesSimply click “Submit” and you’ve submitted your numbers for the game you’re currently on. Each game has a different cash prize, but if you play all 7, you’ll have a shot at winning $1 Million Dollars! The winning numbers for WinLoot are drawn everyday at 3 am PST the next day. Did we mention that all of these online lotto games on WinLoot are free? In addition to being free, WinLoot also enables you to enter these games daily!  On top of that, one person is guaranteed to win a cash prize of $25 every single day.  You have to play to have a chance at the cash!

Prizes on WinLoot include the $25 guaranteed cash giveaway, $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $100,000 and $1,000,000!  Plus you get an entry to win a new iPad every time you play any sweepstakes game on WinLoot!  Playing is fast, fun and easy.  What are you waiting for?  Play today and you could be a winner tomorrow!

Another way to win big at WinLoot is to refer friends to the site.  Get an entry to win $1,000 for every friend you refer that joins the site.  How’s that for a bonus?  Give your friends a chance to win big and you get extra chances to win cash yourself!

To date, WinLoot has had 100 winners.  Maybe you could be our next one.  You won’t know unless you play, so join today!  Good luck

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  1. Andrew Holder says:

    This is Awesome to beat the odds of winning.

  2. Smiles) LOL

  3. Thank Yo for giving us everyday folks a chance to # Win (Smilles)

  4. I had to change my email and now can't get them to email me the daily reminders, so I've given them a week to do it or I cancel my auto pay from credit card. they don't answer any emails I;ve sent them on there link.

  5. Every time I try ur site it kicks me out I gave up I have to agree with Jessie Lewis

  6. Maybe if I win some money I would sing your praises to my friends. Until that actually happens, it's just another marketing gimmick.

  7. Jacquie Clady Evans says:

    I love WinLoot and RewardIt! Would love even more if I could win something!

  8. Johna N Mike says:

    I love rewardIt

  9. thanks for a great free sight!!!!

  10. Francis Kay says:

    I would really love to win at WinLoot!

  11. Or, you can pick me as a new winner…please!!! :)

  12. I would love one of those shirts if they aren't claimed by others! Thank you for the giveaway!! :)

  13. I love to win loot, at least I think I do I will know for sure when it happens! And here it only takes a couple minutes, even with speech recognition software like I have to use. You can't win if you don't try. It's not like it cost anything. Anyways

  14. You are a winner. Please e-mail to claim your prize!

  15. You are a winner, please email to claim your shirt!

  16. You are a winner, please email

  17. You are a winner, please email

  18. I Love (to) WIN LOOT awesome and makes it fun for me to have a chance to win in a lottery type setting. It's a fun and keeps me coming back for more. Thank You WIN LOOT.

  19. It be nice to win something

  20. Won $50 from Rewrdit a few weeks ago! Love this site!

  21. I want to win!

  22. Ophe Zumachund says:

    love all the great chances to win!

  23. RewardIt is so awesome! :)

  24. Sarah Lewis says:

    Love rewardit

  25. My favorite lotto 'cause it's free!

  26. Nellie Curry says:

    Love to play also wish I could win loot LOL.

  27. I like to play! I love RewardIt!

  28. I love RewardIt!,,

  29. like to play. like to win even more.

  30. Randy Fulgham says:


  31. Lawrence Nicholas says:

    This is so perfect for me! It's so easy!

  32. Cool

  33. Doug Garfinkel says:

    I love playing WinLoot!

  34. Victoria Snyder says:

    Lovd to play and win! Ha! Ha!

  35. like to play, easy and fast, and multiple ways to win….. I just wish it was me that would "win loot!"

  36. Joanne Davis says:

    Like to play. Just wish I would win.