This Week in the Lottery

Everyone has dreams of winning the lottery. We all do. Who does not dream of being a millionaire! Winning anything is fun, but imagine winning millions of dollars! It’s fun. This week we highlight the biggest lottery and sweepstakes prizes for this week.

The biggest prize this week is the Powerball lottery. The Powerball Mega Millions Lottery lottery is up to $120 million dollars! You don’t need to have a great imagination to envision what your life could be like after winning Powerball! IF you do need ideas about what you might want to do, read our article on some crazy things that you could buy if you won.

In the Mega Millions lotto the prize is up to $12 Million. Now, $12 million isn’t $100 million, but it’s still a lot of money. IF your state participates on Mega Millions or Powerball why not give it a try this week. You never now!

If you are looking for a little luck or inspiration then perhaps you would like to read some of our articles on winning the Lotto. Do you think that the Tarot Cards can help you win? Maybe they can! Perhaps you are more interested in numerology and lotto? IF you think that luck is the most important part of winning lotto then check out our post on luck and lotto. It could change yours!

You generally don’t win if you don’t play so check out these two big lotto prizes this week!

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