Unclaimed Lotto Tickets – Don’t Be A Winner and A Loser

Each year millions of dollars in unclaimed lottery tickets expire.  This money just simply goes unawarded.  What a waste!  If you play the lottery and lotto regularly, you should keep track of your tickets.  In this article, I will discuss a few strategies for keeping your tickets and not becoming someone that has an unclaimed lottery ticket.

surprised sweepstakes winnerHow Do Lotto Tickets Go Unclaimed?

Your ticket is your only proof that you are a winner, so be careful with it.  There are several reasons why winning tickets go unclaimed.  The most common reasons are:

1. Losing a ticket
2. Forgetting to check results
3. Destroyed or damaged tickets
4. Incorrectly checking  your numbers
5. Finding a winning ticket after it has expired

Avoiding Unclaimed Lotto Tickets

The good news is there are several things you can do to avoid having unclaimed prizes and make sure you cash in on any winning tickets.  The best thing you can do is keep all your lotto and lottery places in a folder or binder that you keep in a safe place.  For every game you play, including RewardIt lotto, make sure to keep hold of your physical tickets or write down then numbers you played.  This way, you will always know where your lotto tickets and numbers are.

Another thing you can do is make sure you always check and double check to see if you won!  Believe it or not, many people forget to check if they are a winner.  It is easy to check any winning lotto numbers, state-by-state on the internet, or at the local store where you bought your ticket.  Many ticket agents have computers that will automatically scan and check if you are a winner.

Finally, make sure you check the winning numbers early.  Most lotto and lottery games have a specified time when you can claim your prize, usually one year from the drawing date.  You don’t want to find out you have a winning ticket, only to realize you are too late to claim it.  A recent news story told of a woman who found a winning ticket in her pocket one week before it expired!

Don’t win the big jackpot and miss out on your prize.  By taking a few precautions, you can make sure that you cash in on your prize if you are a winner.  Check out here soon for RewardIt’s free lotto, where you’ll be able to play every day.

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