Tracking Winning Lottery Numbers


One of the most common number picking strategies used by people for lotto and lottery games is to keep statistics on the winning numbers that are pulled. Some people believe that if a number is regularly picked, that it is more likely to get picked again. They think these numbers are “hot”. Then again, others think that if a number has not been picked in a while, it is “cold” and due to get picked. ¬†First, let me explain how you can track the winning numbers, then I will discuss whether or not this strategy can actually help increase your odds of winning.


Getting Started Tracking Lottery Numbers

So, how do you go about tracking how often each number gets pulled? The best way to do this is to check the daily results of your local state’s lottery website and start recording the results. I would recommend using Excel or a word processing program, so you can easily calculate statistics. Over time, you can determine which numbers are hot or cold. I would suggest compiling at least one month’s worth of results, but the more results you include, the better your statistics will be.

Does Tracking Actually Help?

Does tracking numbers this way actually improve your chances of winning lotto type games like MegaMillions or Powerball? From a purely logical viewpoint, the answer would be no. After all, the drawings are truly random and what happened last week or last month will have no bearing on the future. On any given drawing, every number has the exact same chance as any other number. On the other hand, from a more emotional viewpoint, I personally believe in hot streaks or cold streaks. I have experienced a hot or cold streak while playing Blackjack in casinos. While logic says that there is no such thing, it is hard to ignore when you get a string of winning hands. So, at the end of the day, it is possible that certain numbers are hot and others are cold. It doesn’t cost you anything to try out this strategy, so why not give it a try? After all, if there’s a chance that it gives you a winning edge, than good for you! If you want to test out this approach without any financial risk, give it a try with RewardIt Lotto and if it works, you can try it out with your local state lottery.

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