6 World-Changing Contests

Longitude Lottery

Many people enjoy playing contests every day. They play the lottery as much as possible, buy products that could have a prize inside, and enter online sweepstakes. But did you know that there have been several world-changing contests that have … [Read more...]

Best Lotto Moments In TV, Movies and Books

best lotto tv moments

Playing the lotto and lottery is universal.  Everyone does it - rich people, poor people, East Coast, West Coast, U.S., Europe, Asia....after all, who doesn't like to win??  Because it is so popular, lotto is  a popular topic for movies, TV shows and … [Read more...]

Lottery Questions and Answers

You’ve been playing the lottery for years.  Sometimes, you win a few dollars here and there.  But you’ve never taken home that big jackpot. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you died, what would happen to your annual lottery payments?  Or … [Read more...]