How to Randomly Pick Lotto Numbers

So, you’ve tried tracking numbers, wheeling, numerology  and using important dates in your life.  You don’t trust or like the Quick Picks to pick your numbers.  And you still haven’t won.  Welcome to the club!  You are looking for something new, something different that can change your luck.   Maybe, just maybe if you change your number picking strategy, your luck will turn around.  So you decide to let fate take control and pick numbers randomly.  But just what is the best way to pick random lotto and lottery numbers?  Read on.

Randomly Pick Lotto NumbersRandom Lottery Number Generators on the Web

The web is an amazing thing.  Yes, you can use the web to help you randomly generate numbers.  There are actually a few web sites that will do this for free.  Some of our favorites include:


Other Ways of Randomly Generating Lottery Numbers

So you still don’t trust the computers to pick your numbers?  Ok, try some of these methods, some are a little off the wall, but hey, I say do whatever it takes to turn your luck around.

  • Throw darts at a wall of numbers
  • Lay out all the numbers on a piece of paper on the floor.  Place your pet (a small animal like a hamster works best).  Use whatever numbers your pet crawls across.
  • Ask 8 people, strangers or friends, to pick a number for you.
  • Count the number of ceiling tiles in different rooms of your house.  And divide each one by 3.  This one may take a little time.
  • Open the newspaper to random pages and see what numbers come up
  • Count different items in your refrigerator, such as the number of eggs, cans of soda, carrots, etc.  While you’re there, clean out your fridge….it probably needs it!
  • Take a deck of cards and mark each one with all the potential lottery numbers.  Throw them up in the air and randomly pick them up off the floor.
  • Take a walk around the neighborhood.  Randomly pick house numbers.

While some of these ideas may seem a little off the wall, they will certainly help you pick out some random numbers.  Whatever number picking strategy you use, or even if you don’t have a strategy, you might want to try some of these things out.  You never know what it will take to turn your luck and fate around!  And keep checking back here at RewardIt for our launch of free lotto that you can play every day for $1,000, $5,000 and even $10,000!

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