Quick Pick vs. Humans Which is Better?

As you probably know, Quick Pick is when you let the computer pick out your numbers for lotto or lottery games, such as Powerball, Mega Millions or your local state lottery.  Of course, the alternate way is to select the numbers yourself.  Quick Pick is extremely popular.  It’s estimated that 70-80% of ticket purchases are made with Quick Picks, and that 70-80% of Powerball winners used Quick Pick.  So, is there a difference and if so, which method is better.

Advantages of Quick Pick

There are a few reasons why you may want to go the Quick Pick route.  First, it saves time in filling out all those entry forms.  If for example you want to buy 10 games, and each game has 8 numbers to select, you have to choose 80 numbers to pick. And you have to fill in 80 of those little circles on the entry form (which I personally hate).  Secondly, it avoids any bias you might have in selecting your numbers.  Let’s say your lucky number is 12.  You may use 12 in 7 out of your 10 entry tickets.  So your are pretty much banking on the number 12 getting picked.  With a computer Quick Pick, it avoids any personal slants you might use in picking your numbers.  Finally, some people like the excitement of the “unknown”.  By letting the computer select numbers for your, there may be an added sense of excitement as you watch the winning numbers get pulled.

Quick Pick vs. Human PicksAdvantages of Human Picks

Lots of people still like to pick numbers themselves.  First, you can avoid strange or unlikely number combinations that you may get from the computer.  There have been lots of times where the numbers I received from a Quick Pick seemed unlikely to get pulled.  For example, having all numbers under 20 on one ticket, or having some consecutive numbers like 43, 44 and 45.  These combinations seem unlikely to win.  Secondly, many people believe in luck or like to track winning number results to help increase the likelihood of winning.  If you have some lucky numbers that have influenced your life, it’s difficult to not choose them.  A second advantage of human picks is that you can be smart about what numbers you pick.  If you want to increase your chances with a systems such as wheeling  you can only do this by picking your own numbers.  For those of you that are mathematically inclined, check out this article that proves how humans have the advantage over computers when picking numbers.

Which is Better?

I personally believe you should use a combination of Quick Picks and picking your own numbers.  Both have their advantages and draw backs.  When I play a lot of tickets at once, I usually use Quick Picks for some of the tickets and pick my own numbers for others.  But, whatever works for you, go with it.  When we launch our free lotto right here at RewardIt, we’ll have both options.

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