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Lottery Wheeling Strategy

In previous articles, I have discussed the Number Tracking strategy. Now I would like to introduce you to the Wheeling Strategy, a popular way that players use to increase their chances of lottery wins. While it can be sometimes confusing,… Read more

See A Shooting Star, Win The Lotto: Superstitions That Give You Winning Luck

Are you a superstitious lotto player? From wishing on a shooting star to playing lucky numbers, many people hold superstitions that influence what numbers they play.  By following these superstitions, players feel that their luck and chances of winning increase.… Read more

Lotto And Lottery Glossary

Are you confused about all the different terms related to Lottery and Lotto games?  Me too.  So I put together a list of key terminology that I thought would be useful to understand.  Here’s a glossary of lottery and lotto… Read more

Why Lottery Pools Increase Your Chances of Winning

Today, I will be discussing Lottery pools — what they are and how to run it to avoid any conflict in case you do win. There have been a few stories in the news lately about lottery pools where there… Read more

Tracking Winning Lottery Numbers

  One of the most common number picking strategies used by people for lotto and lottery games is to keep statistics on the winning numbers that are pulled. Some people believe that if a number is regularly picked, that it… Read more

Increase Your Odds of Winning Scratch Off Games

Did you know that you can actually increase your odds of winning scratch off game tickets?  Really, there is a way to improve your odds.  How?  I’m glad you asked.  Believe it or not, most states provide a list of… Read more

You Win Two But You Lost One

So we told you that it’s entirely possible to win lotto more than once and that there are actually a handful of lucky people who can lay claim to having not one but two winning lotto experiences.  However, in one… Read more

Who Said Giving Away Money Was Easy?

Too Generous? Is there such a thing as being too generous with your lotto winnings?  Janite Lee, who won the St. Louis  Lottery might say yes.  While Mr. Pitt’s troubles could be traced at least partly to people around him,… Read more

Family Matters

Take the case of William “Bud” Post.  A self-described drifter who was on disability with barely $2 to his name, Mr. Post struck it rich with the winning lotto numbers in the Pennsylvania Lottery.  Within three months of collecting his… Read more

From The Great Wall of China to Harvard – The History of the Lotto

The Great Wall of Lotto? The first known lottery game was conducted sometime around 200 B.C. and like many of the state lotteries in the US, was actually run by the government. In this case, the Han Dynasty in China… Read more