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Famous Superstitions: Should You Follow Them For Lotto?

Following up to my article on luck, I thought it would be interesting to examine some of the most common superstitions and look at where they came from.  Like luck, many people believe in superstitions and use them to guide… Read more

Is Luck Real And Will It Help You Win Lotto?

So, what’s the deal with luck?  Is there really such a thing as “good luck” or “bad luck”?  If so, can you use luck to help you win Lotto?  Let’s dig a little deeper into what luck is, some interesting… Read more

Lottery Around The World

We all dream of hitting the lottery. From the famed Powerball to the rise of online lotteries on websites, winners walk away daily with lottery cash ranging from $1 wins to hundreds of millions of dollars. The biggest temptations are… Read more

Lawsuits Continue In Chicago Mega Millions Win

It seems like every other week, there’s a story in the news about a group of players pooling together for their Lottery play.  And after the big win, there is controversy over who the winner(s) are.  Just earlier this year,… Read more

Lotto Results Don’t Matter If You Miss The Claim Deadline

The allure of a big win is what prompts many people to enter lotteries and lotto, like the soon to be launched RewardIt Lotto drawings. However, the lotto results won’t matter if you miss the deadline to claim a winning… Read more

Biggest Lotto and Lottery Prizes

What’s it like to win $100 Million?  How about $200 Million?  What about $656 Million??  Can you imagine?  There have been some pretty massive prizes in recent years from all over the world.  While most of us would be happy… Read more

Unclaimed Lotto Tickets – Don’t Be A Winner and A Loser

Each year millions of dollars in unclaimed lottery tickets expire.  This money just simply goes unawarded.  What a waste!  If you play the lottery and lotto regularly, you should keep track of your tickets.  In this article, I will discuss… Read more

When You Miss The Lotto By 1 Number

The lottery results are in: 12, 4, 39, 58, 47, 7. You glance down at your ticket: 12 (yes), 4 (yes!), 39 (what are the odds?), 58 (you’ve got a good feeling about this one), 47 (REALLY?!)…and….11. Nooooooooooo! There’s no… Read more

Other Lotto and Lottery Number Picking Strategies

So far I have discussed a variety of number picking strategies, including Number Tracking, Lottery Pools and Wheeling. Today, I will be discussing a few of the other strategies, including Odd/Even analysis, Pairs/Doubles analysis, Ink analysis, Pick-3 and Pick-4 positions,… Read more

What Not To Do With Your Lottery Winnings

You work hard to play the lotto and maybe someday you will hit the jackpot with a  lottery or RewardIt Lotto win (coming soon). Then what? In the aftermath of an exciting lotto win, many players make decisions based on… Read more