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What Happens To Unclaimed Lotteries?

What would you do with a million dollars? What about $23 million? How about a whopping $300 million? Surprisingly, there are people who win mega lottery jackpots each year but never step up to claim their prizes. The Biggest Unclaimed… Read more

Pennsylvania Lottery Games and Results

Pennsylvania Lottery Games and Results When you were growing up, you were probably taught to respect your elders.  When it comes to the lottery, no state treats their elders better than Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania is the only state that targets all… Read more

Texas Lottery Games and Results

Everything is bigger in Texas, at least that’s what everyone says.  I’ve been to Texas and TXn tell you they do like to do things bigger there.  And that includes their lottery and scratch off games.  Texas lottery has BIG… Read more

Why I Play Lotto

Remember what Maverick (Tom Cruise) and Goose (Anthony Edwards) used to say to one another in the famous movie Top Gun?  “I feel the need, THE NEED FOR SPEED!!!”  I suppose the same thing could be said about our desire… Read more

CA Lottery Games and Results

CA is huge and their lottery, lotto and scratch off games are big too!  Want to learn about California lottery games and results?  Look no further. CA Lottery Games and ResultsCA  Lottery Games Mega Millions: Yes PowerBall: No CA SuperLotto Plus : Pick 5,… Read more

NY Lottery Games and Results

NY is one of the biggest states in the country, and their lottery and scratch off games don’t disappoint!  Here’s  a breakdown of all their games and where you can get NY Lottery results. NY Lottery Games and ResultsNY Lottery Games Mega Millions: Yes… Read more

Best Ways To Scratch Off Lottery Games

If you’re like me, you love to play scratch off lottery games.  What I like best about them is you know right away whether you’re a winner or not.  What I like least about them, is that they make a… Read more

Best Lotto Moments In TV, Movies and Books

Playing the lotto and lottery is universal.  Everyone does it – rich people, poor people, East Coast, West Coast, U.S., Europe, Asia….after all, who doesn’t like to win??  Because it is so popular, lotto is  a popular topic for movies,… Read more

Can You Cheat the Lottery?

Is it possible to cheat the lottery to guarantee that you will win?  Now, I’m not passing any moral judgments — you have to decide yourself what is right and wrong.  But the answer is, it is possible to guarantee… Read more

Change Your Personality To Win Lotto

Do you feel like a loser?  I do.  I play Mega Millions and other lotto games week after week.  I never win.  Once in a while, I’ll win a small prize, like $50 or $100.  It sure doesn’t make up… Read more