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5 Amazing Cities with the Lowest Cost of Living

People who live in an area with a low cost of living do not have to have to make as much money as those living in areas with a high cost of living to enjoy the same amenities. You can… Read more

Washington Lottery Games and Results

Brighten things up in gloomy Washington and check out some of the great lotto games! Washington’s Lottery was created to provide revenues for the State General Fund, which supports schools, human services programs, natural resources, and government programs. With great… Read more

Where to Win Lotto [Infographic]

Did you ever wonder what state has the most lotto winners?  Or what state gives you the best chance of winning?  Check out this infographic on where to win the lotto.  You  might be surprised to see where the most… Read more

Indiana Lottery Games and Results

The Indiana lottery, which is actually called the Hoosier Lottery, has been one of the many giving lotteries in country.  The lottery has been able to lower excise taxes for its citizens, increased pension and disability funds for local police… Read more

North Carolina Lottery Games and Results

North Carolina is quite new to the lottery system, only being established in 2005, known as the North Carolina Education Lottery. The lottery has been a controversial topic in North Carolina since its founding.  Being known as a “Bible Belt”… Read more

Michigan Lottery Games and Results

Today we’re letting you in on the many wonderful lottery games from the state of Michigan. Known for their beautiful states and sports teams, Michigan also has some great lottery games.  What makes these games so great is that Michigan… Read more

Georgia Lottery Games and Results

If you love lottery, Georgia has plenty of games to offer! Georgia has four state drawn games – Cash 3, Cash 4, Georgia Five, and Fantasy 5.  Along with these games, they also have four multi-state games such as Powerball,… Read more

New Jersey Lottery Games and Results

New Jersey, what can’t be said about this state?  Home to the iconic beaches know as the “Jersey Shore” along with being the home of Atlantic City, one of the most popular gambling destinations in the country.  It’s safe to… Read more

What Are The Odds? [Infographic]

What Are The Odds? If you play lotto and lottery regularly, you know that your odds of winning are pretty long.  There are certainly some things in the world that you have a better chance of, and some things whose… Read more

Florida Lottery Games and Results

The key to a successful future these days is a good education.  The Florida lottery system aims towards helping and bettering education in the state of Florida.  In fact, Florida’s lottery was created in 1986 by a constitutional amendment to… Read more