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Maryland Lottery Games and Results

When you are out getting some delicious crab cakes, stop off and pick up a Maryland lottery ticket! Maryland has been making lucky winners rich since 1972, especially one of its recent winners who was one three people to win… Read more

My Lotto Life

We’ve all played a game of chance for money by now right?  Maybe you like to play cards; perhaps you’ve placed a friendly wager on a sporting event or even bought a square or two at the annual super bowl… Read more

Timeline of Jackpots [Infographic]

There have been some pretty big jackpot wins over the years.  From just a few million to several hundred millions, it’s cool to take a look at different jackpots over the years. Here is a visual timeline of all the… Read more

Big Powerball Jackpot

With the recent growth of the Powerball jackpot, we felt it was only right to talk about it; as well as some other facts about the popular nationwide lottery.  The current Powerball jackpot is estimated to be $305 million ($202.3… Read more

West Virginia Lottery Games and Results

West Virginia, the Wild & Wonderful State! Known for their beautiful landscapes and outdoor nature, they’re also home to the West Virginia Lottery! Started in 1986, the West Virginia Lottery has raised over $2.5 billion towards public education! The lottery… Read more

Can “The Secret” Help You Win Lotto?

  “The Secret” is a best-selling book and movie from 2006.  The basic premise of the book and movie is something called “the law of attraction”, which basically means that thinking positively will attract positive life experiences to you and… Read more

Arizona Lottery Games and Results

The sun is not the only thing that’s cooking in Arizona! Get to your closet convenience store and play the Arizona Lottery! Along with the Mega-Million and Powerball, Arizona has four great games to help your chances at becoming the… Read more

Rhode Island Lottery Games and Results

This small state has been producing big lotto winners since 1976. The Rhode Island lottery contains favorites like Mega Million, Powerball, Keno and state games that you will be sure to enjoy.  Click here to see to see the all… Read more

Louisiana Lottery Games and Results

Head down south and check out the Louisiana lottery!  Celebrating its 20th anniversary this past September, the Louisiana Lottery has devoted the last twenty years to help keep taxes down in the state of Louisiana, while also giving its citizens… Read more

Massachusetts Lottery Games and Results

Massachusetts holds one of the most successful lottery’s in the nation, generating over $86 billion in sales to-date, while awarding $58.8 billion in prizes. Since 1972, the Massachusetts State Lottery has been extremely beneficial to the state, and to its… Read more