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Free Lotto-Style Games

Did you know that you can enter to win $1 Million Dollars every day for free? You can enter to play free lotto-style games to enter for your chance to win $1 Million Dollars!What would you do with $1 Million… Read more

Lotto Terms & Jargon

Lotto Terms & Jargon Do you play lotto but don’t know what some terms mean? There are so many terms to memorize, and it can get confusing for anyone who purchases lotto tickets and scratch-offs. We’ve gathered a list of terms to help you… Read more

World’s Largest Lottery Winner: Could You Be Next?

On May 18th, 2013 Powerball saw one lucky Florida resident become the world’s largest lottery winner with a cash payout of $376.9 million. The $591 million won is the second biggest lottery jackpot in history. The largest lottery jackpot in… Read more

Powerball Reaches $260 Million Dollars

Every few months Powerball reaches multiple hundreds of millions of dollars. Today Powerball is $260 million. When Power ball reaches hundreds of millions of dollars people start to dream. Whether they are at work, driving to school it does not… Read more

$100 Olive Garden Valentine’s Day Giveaway

$100 Olive Garden Valentine’s Day Giveaway Enter for a chance to win a $100.00 Olive Garden gift card! We’ll pick a winner tonight and you and a loved one can have a second Valentine’s Day dinner, compliments of us! For… Read more

What You Can Do If You Won $100 Million

Since the early days of lotto people have played because of that ‘what if’. What if you won? Well now with the Powerball getting higher and higher every day it has us thinking about that question more. What if I… Read more

What You Can Do With 50 Million Dollars From Powerball

Powerball is currently up to 50 million dollars and that has us at RewardIt thinking, how would we reward ourselves with 50 million dollars? As the Powerball jackpot continues to grow month after month, millions and millions of dollars continue… Read more

Powerball is $200 Million!

Powerball is getting up there again! Every few months the Powerball jackpot grows into the hundreds of millions, and as it grows, more people play and the growth starts to approach exponential portions. Can you imagine winning $200 million dollars.… Read more

Big Lotto Jackpots This Week

This week features so nice, big lotto jackpots. If you are a avid lotto player or maybe even a sweeper you dont want to miss out on the big prize pools this week. Just imagine what you could do if… Read more

This Week in the Lottery

Everyone has dreams of winning the lottery. We all do. Who does not dream of being a millionaire! Winning anything is fun, but imagine winning millions of dollars! It’s fun. This week we highlight the biggest lottery and sweepstakes prizes… Read more