NY Lottery Games and Results

NY is one of the biggest states in the country, and their lottery and scratch off games don’t disappoint!  Here’s  a breakdown of all their games and where you can get NY Lottery results.

NY Lottery Games and ResultsNY Lottery Games

Mega Millions: Yes

PowerBall: Yes

New York Lotto : Pick 6, plus bonus ball, prize amount varies

Sweet Million: Pick 6, $1 Million prize

Take 5: Pick 5, prize amount varies, daily

NY Numbers:  Pick 3, prize amount varies, twice daily

NY Win4: Pick 4, prize amount varies, daily

NY QuickDraw: Keno style game, prize amount varies, every 4 minutes

NY Instant Scratch Off Games

New York, like many states, has a large number of scratch off games.  One great strategy is to check which scratch off games still have their biggest prizes remaining.  You can check NY Scratch Off prizes remaining here.  If you want to see what games are currently available, check out these links:

NY $1 Games

NY $2 and $3 Games

NY $5 Games

NY $10, $20 and $30 Games

NY Lottery Results

Fortunately, NY does provide a website that lists all their lottery results.  Click here to see the current NY lottery results, including MegaMillions and Power Ball.

NY Lottery Commercials

NY has some of the funniest lottery commercials.  Their slogan is “All You Need is A Little Luck” and the commercials feature miniature adults that represent a “little luck”.  If you watch the commercials, you’ll understand.  Check out their commercials here.

NY Lottery Winners

The NY Lottery website has a great feature that shows you all the big winners on a map. So you can see who won the NY Lottery and where they are from.  Check out the NY Lottery winners here.

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  1. years ago scratching tickets was fun and rewarding..now you can bet that you will be making donations to lottery fund….I refuse to buy anymore scratch off tickets..it is a loosing affair and NYS are thieves…legal theft….u ruined a good time for us n are making disgusting amounts of money….give some back to the gamers that support the game….sorry i wasted my time and money