Is Luck Real And Will It Help You Win Lotto?

So, what’s the deal with luck?  Is there really such a thing as “good luck” or “bad luck”?  If so, can you use luck to help you win Lotto?  Let’s dig a little deeper into what luck is, some interesting history of luck and how you can use luck to your advantage.

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What Is Luck?

Luck is hard to describe, but we all know what it is.  We see examples of good luck and bad luck  everyday of our lives.  Some people may call it “fate” if something good or bad happens, others may think it just is what it is.  Some people believe in lucky streaks, where one lucky incident leads to another.  Say for example, you find a $10 bill on the ground.  You might attribute that to being lucky.  So believing that fate is on your side, you take that $10 and buy some lotto tickets.  Thinking 10 is now your lucky number, you play the number 10 and you buy 10 tickets.  And….you win, or maybe you lose.  Either way, did luck have anything to do with whether you won or lost?  Personally, I don’t think so.  But others believe there is a mysterious force that guides good and bad luck.   One time at the horse track, there was a horse called Doug’s Little Man. My name being Doug, I bet on it to win.  And guess what, it won!  Is that fate, luck or merely coincidence?  I’m not sure, but either way, I was happy I won.

History of Luck

As far back as the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas, there has been strong belief in luck.  Many ancient rituals, such as sacrifices, were used to appease the Gods and bring cities good luck.  If a particular ritual was not performed, people felt like they would be “cursed” and suffer bad things.  How much of that is self created?  If you believe you are lucky, you will look at everything positively or “the glass is half full”.  If you feel you are unlucky, you will have a negative attitude and see “the glass is half empty”.  So maybe, we create our own luck just by having a positive or negative attitude.  Of course we all know the phrase “Luck of the Irish”.  That phrase is ironic, because the Irish people have had lots of “bad luck” over the years.  But some trace its origins back to the legend of Leprechauns and their lucky pot of gold you get if you catch them.

Will Luck Help You Win Lotto?

While I leave it up to you to decide if luck is real or not, the bottom line is if it works for you, use it!  If you are having a particularly lucky day, why not play the lotto?  If luck is really real, then you are taking advantage of it.  If it’s not real, you are no worse off and still have a chance to win.  If you are having a bad, unlucky day, don’t run out and buy lotto tickets.  But, feel free to play the free lotto here at RewardIt, when we launch — maybe you’ll win and turn your luck around!  It’s free, fun, and easy, so you have nothing to lose.

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