Lotto Results

Lotto Results

Wondering what lucky numbers came in? RewardIt is your source for Lotto results. We'll have the winning numbers from every state and national lotto game, every day. Want to see the history of the number draws for your state? Check back here and you can keep track of which numbers are hot or cold.


We'll soon be offering our own daily Free Lotto games right here at RewardIt. You'll be able to play every day and have a chance to win $1,000, $5,000 or even $10,000! All for free. We'll post our lotto results in real time throughout the day. So you'll know whether you got that big prize. We'll also have Free Keno, where you can play to win and earn Reward$ points which you can cash in for electronics, household items, Gift Cards and more!


RewardIt will be your one source for all Lotto results, so check back often!

Kansas Lottery Games and Results

Kansas Lottery Results

“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!” I’m sure you will be saying this once you become the next Kansas Lottery Winner! While chances are very slim, you just never know. Since 1986, the Kansas Lottery has been giving its citizens a chance to take … [Read more...]

South Carolina Education Lottery Games and Results

South Carolina Lottery

Head down south and pick up a South Carolina Education Lottery! Find popular games like the Mega Million, Powerball, and try Palmetto Cash 5! Only need to be 18 years old to play! For more details, click here to view the South Carolina Education … [Read more...]

Colorado Lottery Games and Results

Colorado Lottery

Take a break from hiking and skiing and play the Colorado Lottery!  Originally Colorado only offered scratch-offs and since 1983, the state has offered draw games. The Mega-Million and Powerball are fairly new games, only started being played in the … [Read more...]

$337 Million Powerball Winner

Everybody knows about the latest Powerball Jackpot!  Who couldn't with a prize that big? Fortunately for a certain Michigan resident that $377 million prize is all theirs.  Although the lucky winner has not yet been identified, we can assume that … [Read more...]

Illinois Lottery Games and Results

Illinois Lottery and Games

Cold weather and wind – you can always find these two in Illinois, along with the Illinois State Lottery! The Illinois State Lottery has been around since 1974, offering country favorites like the Mega-Million and Powerball along with some fun state … [Read more...]