My Lotto Life

We’ve all played a game of chance for money by now right?  Maybe you like to play cards; perhaps you’ve placed a friendly wager on a sporting event or even bought a square or two at the annual super bowl party.  There’s always a bit of rush when there’s a cash reward on the line.  It doesn’t matter whether you need the money or not, you still feel the adrenaline when it’s on the line.

My Lotto LifeWell when there’s A LOT of money on the line, as is often the case in the lottery or in an online sweepstakes you can take that thrill factor and multiply it accordingly.  Yeah, sure some of us have played Bingo down at the local community center or pulled the lever on a slot machine, but what about the untold riches someone can win in the lottery?

Remember the $656 Mega Millions jackpot in March of 2012?  How many of us bought tickets for that one hoping to hear our numbers called that day and experience receiving life changing money?  How many of us bought two tickets?  More?  OK, OK, I admit it I bought a ticket, and watched with nervous excitement as the numbers were drawn.  Alas I am here to report to you that I was not one of the three lucky winners who shared a prize pool that paid out over $474 million dollars.

And so my lottery quest continues.  Where is that next mega super awesome jackpot out there?  But let’s keep it real for a moment here.  If the only way to win the lottery was the enormous jackpots and there weren’t loads of smaller rewards available for having a few of those all important six numbers, then many of us would have given up long ago.

We’ve all hit a handful of numbers and got our “almost there” rewards; five dollars, ten dollars, twenty dollars maybe even more.  I remember winning a 5 dollar pay out on a one dollar ticket.  I took those five dollars and opened a college account for my little niece, and now it’s putting her through Princeton University in New Jersey :)  You weren’t really going along with me there were you?  No, I did what any sensible lottery player does.  I reinvested my winnings into the opportunity for more future winning.  I bought five more lottery tickets!

The fact is that we all have our lottery stories, from the almost wins, to the small prizes, to the fortunate few who have won big rewards.  Do you have any great stories from your lotto life?  Have you won a huge reward in the lotto?  Let us know the story of your lotto life.

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