Lottery Wheeling Strategy

In previous articles, I have discussed the Number Tracking strategy. Now I would like to introduce you to the Wheeling Strategy, a popular way that players use to increase their chances of lottery wins. While it can be sometimes confusing, below is a simplified explanation. There are actually multiple Wheeling strategies and I will give you an explanation of each one. You can use this strategy for any Lottery or Lotto game, like the free lotto coming soon to RewardIt, or state lotteries such as MegaMillions or Powerball.

Random Lotto NumbersWhat Is Wheeling?

Wheeling is a method of generating number combinations to buy multiple tickets that cover a wider array of possible number draws than a single ticket. In other words, by strategically playing certain combinations of numbers, you can increase your chances of winning. Most people use wheels to increase their chances of winning the smaller tier prizes — the ones where you have to match fewer numbers. Wheeling can also be used to increase your chances of winning the top jackpot prize, but you would have to buy an awful lot of tickets, as described below. Setting up your own wheels can be challenging, but there are several sites online that offer help in creating wheels.

Full Wheels

A Full Wheel contains every single possible combination. This can literally mean millions of tickets that you would have to purchase! There have been cases where a Lottery Pool or syndicate purchased all possible winning tickets, and have won. However, they had to split their winning ticket with other winners, so their net payout was small.

Abbreviated Wheel

An abbreviated wheel has less combinations than the full wheel, but if done correctly, it can guarantee a win of one of the smaller prizes. The cost of an Abbreviated Wheel is much less than a full wheel, because you are buying fewer tickets. The idea here is that you are wheeling a smaller number of combinations, with the goal of going after lower tier prize awards.

Filtered Wheel

A Filtered Wheel is a way of reducing the combinations from a Full Wheel or Abbreviate Wheel. The goal is to cut the number of tickets you need to buy (and therefore reduce the cost), while still giving yourself an edge. Of course, since you are playing fewer combinations, your odds of winning decrease, but you still have an edge over random or player chosen combinations. To create a Filtered Wheel, you first create a Full or Abbreviated Wheel and then apply some filters based on your preferences. For example, eliminate combinations with all even or all odd numbers, remove numbers that you are superstitious about, etc. A similar technique is the Key Number Wheel, in which you insure that every wheel combination contains one of your favorite numbers.

Wheeling can be challenging, but worthwhile. It’s an interesting way to increase your odds, especially for smaller tier prizes. Don’t forget to keep your eye out for the Free Lotto coming soon to RewardIt!

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