What Is Keno?

Keno is a lottery type game.  It is similar to lotto and lottery in that players select a series of numbers.  If they match some or all of the pulled numbers, then they win a certain dollar prize based on how much they bet.  Keno is mostly played in casinos, but some states also offer their own daily Keno games, such as Oregon,Washington, Massachusetts, and NY.

Keno BallsHow Does Keno Work?

Most modern Keno games have 80 possible numbers to choose from.  Numbers used to be drawn using an actual hopper, with balls for each number, much like a traditional Bingo game or blowers used  for lotteries like Mega Millions.  Today, most Keno numbers are drawn by computer.  To play Keno, you must determine how much you are wagering, and how many numbers you try to match.  The more you wager and the more numbers you match the higher your potential prize.   Players typically can select up to 20 numbers to match. Casinos typically have a pay table where they have a list of all the potential winning jackpots based on the wager and matching numbers.  In Australia, someone once won $1.5 Million by playing Keno at their local bar.

The History of Keno

Most people believe Keno actually started in China and some even believe that a lottery was used to help fund the Great Wall of China.  It is believed that in the 1800’s, carrier pigeons were used to send the winning results to distant cities.  Players would select from 80 Chinese characters to play from, and the more they matched, the more they won.  In the 1800’s. Texas started offering Keno type games.

What Are The Odds?

The payout is based on the odds of you matching a specific number of draws.  For example, the odds of you matching  just  1 number is 1%, matching 8 numbers is 5%, matching 10 numbers is .4% and matching all 20 is 1in 3,535,316,142,212,173,800!!  Click here  to see the complete table of odds.

There are all sorts of crazy number combinations you can play, to increase your odds and possibly your payout.  Combination bets include combinations of numbers that are hit at the same time.  You can play odds only, evens only, exactas, etc.  There are a wide variety of different wagers you can place.

Should You Play Keno?

Keno is a fun alternative to Lotto and Lottery games.  If it’s available in your state, give it a try.  Typically, Keno will be played multiple times throughout the day.  Next time you’re in a casino, give it a try as a break from they usual slot or blackjack.  And keep your eye out for RewardIt’s free Keno game, coming soon.  You’ll be able to play for free and have a chance to win valuable Reward$.  We’re excited, I hope you are too. In the meantime, try your luck at winning a free iPad 3…it’s our way of rewarding you!

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