Indiana Lottery Games and Results

The Indiana lottery, which is actually called the Hoosier Lottery, has been one of the many giving lotteries in country.  The lottery has been able to lower excise taxes for its citizens, increased pension and disability funds for local police and firefighters.  The lottery has been significant help to financing new projects for the State of Indiana.  It’s safe to say that great things have come from the Hoosier lottery.  Here are some other facts and links about Hoosier lottery games and lottery results.

Hoosier Lottery Games

Mega Million: Yes

Powerball: Yes

Hoosier Lottery : Pick favorite numbers; match at least 2, Wed/Sat, cash prizes

Mix and Match: 3 lines of 5 numbers (1-50), Tues/Fri, cash prize

Quick Draw: Pick 10 numbers (1-80) to match 20 #’s drawn, cash prize, daily

Lucky 5: 5/36 matrix, cash prize, drawn 13 times weekly

Daily 4:  Prizes vary, drawn 13 times weekly

Daily 3: Prizes vary, drawn 13 times weekly – one drawing on Sundays

Hoosier Instant Scratch off Games

Indiana has some great scratch off games.   You can also see the remaining prizes for scratch off games here.

Hoosier Lottery Results

Check out the Hoosier lottery results to see if you are a winner.

Hoosier Winners

See all the Hoosier Lottery Winners here.

Hoosier Lottery Ads

Indiana has some interesting lottery ads


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