From The Great Wall of China to Harvard – The History of the Lotto

The Great Wall of Lotto?

The first known lottery game was conducted sometime around 200 B.C. and like many of the state lotteries in the US, was actually run by the government. In this case, the Han Dynasty in China used a game similar to our modern Keno to finance the building of the Great Wall of China. Of course, even back then there were certain advantages in the market for labor so ultimately the importance of the lottery to the building of the Great Wall probably shouldn’t be too overstated. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start dreaming of going to see any of the 7 great wonders of the world if you won RewardIt Lotto.
The Great Wall of China, Lotto

Maximus Lottomus?

Did the great gladiator Maximus play the lotto when he wasn’t leading the armies of the north against Germania? We don’t know either but the first organized sale of lottery tickets was run by the Roman Empire under Augustus Ceasar and the funds were used to finance repairs to the city of Rome. There is no truth to the rumors that the top prizes were retired lions from the Coliseum. Of course, if you’re looking for big prize money with the same thrill of the state run lotteries, you can always play RewardIt Lotto for free. Top prize is one million dollars and a new set of winning numbers are picked every day.

The Colosseum Lotto

The Tudor Lotto Dynasty?

We’re not sure what her father, King Henry the VIII, wouldn’t have approved but it is true that the first lottery conducted in England was created by Queen Elizabeth the I in 1566 to raise funds to support public works and perhaps even the military. Was it lotto that helped defeat the Spanish Armada just a few years later? That might be a stretch but if you win the grand prize in RewardIt Lotto, you can start your own little fleet of ships. Just don’t think of invading another country or anything.

You Can’t Spell Veritas without Lotto

That’s right, the famed and hallowed grounds of the most prestigious university in all the world, Harvard University, was originally founded by funds raised by the early colonists through one of the first lotto games in the New World. Of course, it doesn’t take an ivy league education to pick the winning numbers in RewardIt lotto but if you happen to know someone who attended one, maybe you can drop this little bit of knowledge on them.

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  1. Pretty interesting lotto/sweepstakes history. Never knew any of this stuff…