The Economics of Lotto [Infographic]

Do you know how much money is spent on lotto tickets every year?  In the U.S. alone, we spend over $50 billion dollars a year on lottery tickets.  That’s billions with a “B”!  Which states spend the most money?  Where does all the money go (besides the prize payouts)?  Check out this infographic which shows you everything you want to know about lottery and lotto spending!


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  1. Ella Bryant says:


  2. I love scratch offs! It's so fun to scratch and win instantly! It's such a rush!

  3. Trying to quit smoking so I spend the cigarette money on MegaMillions. Both are a waste, but at least the lottery can't kill you.

  4. Lori Goldstein says:

    I prefer the scratch offs vs. lottery games that involved picking numbers. Odds are better.

  5. I have always thought of the lottery in a good way. It funds the Hope Scholarship here in Ga. and that helped get my son through college.

  6. usually only play lotto and little lotto.but only when their high.

  7. I only play when it is super high, and I only love free lottery.

  8. Jennifer Patalsky says:


  9. I play megamillions faithfully.

  10. scratch off tickets.

  11. Jennifer Dysart says:

    scratch and win!

  12. Scratchers

  13. Jamie Chance Hodges says:

    Something mid-size. Not the Powreball, and not the ones where only a few numbers are drawn. I don't care for ridiculous odds, and if I win, want somewhat of a windfall.

  14. Robert Rogers says:

    Powerball of course lol.

  15. Lisa Grassetti says:

    Lottery well I like to play them all but instant scratch tickets are my favorite.

  16. I like the scratch off ones.

  17. This is actually really interesting.

  18. I only play scratch-off's. I feel there is a better chance to win less money…

  19. Hannah Beck says:

    Might as well throw your money out the window.

  20. I only play the lottery when the jackpot is high and I spend $1 only. Odds are terrible.

  21. Mike Adamski says:


  22. Craig Brown says:

    Northstar Cash & Gopher 5.

  23. Tamara Budd says:

    I usually just play powerball.

  24. Amy Richard says:

    I like weekly lotteries and scratch tickets!

  25. Michael Bryant says: