Can You Cheat the Lottery?

Is it possible to cheat the lottery to guarantee that you will win?  Now, I’m not passing any moral judgments — you have to decide yourself what is right and wrong.  But the answer is, it is possible to guarantee you win the lottery under certain circumstances.

Cheat the LotteryCheating In Massachusetts Lottery To Win

Recently, there was a story in the news regarding an elderly couple, and others,  in Massachusetts  who found a flaw and a loophole for a somewhat obscure lottery game called Cash WinFall.  An elderly couple,      Gerald and Marjorie Selbee bought a ridiculous amount of tickets for this game.  How about $307,000 worth of tickets?  Others, including MIT statisticians also bought tickets, and exploited this loopohole that guaranteed them a win.

How Did They Guarantee A Win?

I don’t understand it completely, but essentially the Cash WinFall game works like a progressive jackpot.  The payout keeps growing until someone wins.  Up until recently, only one person had won since 2004.  If no one wins the maximum jackpot, which is $2.5 Million, the money gets redistributed to smaller prizes, where you have to match less numbers to win.  This is the loophole that people have been exploiting.  Because the smaller prizes are big enough that if you buy enough tickets, you are almost guaranteed to win.

Is this really cheating?  I personally don’t think so, and neither do the MA lottery officials.  There is nothing illegal or cheating about buying a large number of tickets.  They have no plans to cancel or change the Cash WinFall game.

If you have a similar game in your state, you may want to see if there is a similar loophole.  It does take a bit of an investment to guarantee your win, so it’s not for most people.

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