Change Your Personality To Win Lotto

Do you feel like a loser?  I do.  I play Mega Millions and other lotto games week after week.  I never win.  Once in a while, I’ll win a small prize, like $50 or $100.  It sure doesn’t make up for all the money I’ve spent on lotto games over the years.  Should I give up and stop playing?  I’ve thought about it.

Personality Win LottoBut then I’ve thought about the people that have won the big jackpots.  What if they stopped playing?  What if they gave up?  They would have missed out on the big win.  I did some research and looked at some traits of people that have won a big lotto jackpot, and I found some common personality traits and playing habits among them.  I believe if you adopt these traits and habits, you will put yourself in a better position to win.

1. Be persistent.  Basically, don’t give up.  Keep playing.  I can’t guarantee you will win, but I can guarantee you will NOT win if you don’t play.  Most people who win the big lotto jackpots have been playing for years and years.

2. Don’t count your losses.  If you actually calculated how much money you spent on lotto over the years, it would be pretty depressing.   Like the old saying goes “It takes money to make money”.  Think about your lotto spendings as an investment.  You are investing in the opportunity to hit it big.  If you do hit it big, all that money you spent on losing tickets will seem like chump change.

3. Think positive.  Always believe that you have the chance to win.  Because you do!  Don’t get down every time you lose.  Your odds of not winning are much greater than your odds of winning.  But you are playing for a reason — to win!  It may seem silly to some, but many people believe that thinking positively can change your luck or fortune.  Thinking negatively certainly won’t help.  So have some fun while you’re playing…after all, it is a game.  I still get excited by watching the balls get picked on TV and comparing them to my tickets, even if I don’t match any numbers.

4. Take a chance.  I know, times are tough for all of us.  We have enough challenges paying the bills, let alone putting money aside to play lotto or lottery games.  But once in a while, when that really big jackpot comes along, like $300 Million, $400 Million or even $600 Million, put aside a little extra money to play than you usually do.  I’m not saying spend hundreds of dollars or play with money you really can’t afford.  But maybe, skip one night out of eating out.  Take a chance, because that little extra money you pay could really payoff in a BIG way.

5. Play lotto without spending a dime.  Yes, there are free lotto games out there.  It won’t cost you anything, just your time and persistence (see above).  Mix in some of those paid lotto games with free lotto on the internet, like the ones coming here to RewardIt.  We’ll have $1,000, $5,000 and even $10,000 free lotto games.  Plus free KENO, where you can win Reward$ reward points.   Keep your eye out for our launch and stay up to date by entering to win a free iPad 3 today!

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