CA Lottery Games and Results

CA is huge and their lottery, lotto and scratch off games are big too!  Want to learn about California lottery games and results?  Look no further.

CA Lottery Games and ResultsCA  Lottery Games

Mega Millions: Yes

PowerBall: No

CA SuperLotto Plus : Pick 5, plus bonus ball, prize amount varies

CA Fantasy 5: Pick 5, prize varies

CA Daily 4: Pick 4, prize amount varies, daily

CA Daily 3:  Pick 3, prize amount varies, twice daily

CA Daily Derby:  Pick 3 winners, prize amount varies, daily

CA Hot Spot: Keno style game, prize amount varies, every 4 minutes

CA  Instant Scratch Off Games

California has a large number of scratch off games.  You can also check to see what prizes are remaining.

CA $1 Scratch Off Games

CA $2 Scratch Off Games

CA $3 Scratch Off Games

CA $5 Scratch Off Games

CA $10 Scratch Off Games

CA Second Chance

California has a great game where you can enter non-winning scratchers and Fantasy 5 Bonus Bucks tickets for a second chance to win!

CA  Lottery Results

Want to know if you won California Lottery?  Check out the CA Lottery Results here.

CA  Lucky Retailers and Winners

CA lists all the Lucky Retailers that have sold big prizes. Check it out here.

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