Big Lotto Jackpots This Week

This week features so nice, big lotto jackpots. If you are a avid lotto player or maybe even a sweeper you dont want to miss out on the big prize pools this week. Just imagine what you could do if you won lotto this week!

Lottery MoneyMegaMillions is up to $12 Million this week. $12 Million dollard could change your life so why not drop a few bucks on it this week. You have to be in it to win! People win lotto all the time.

The multi-state Powerball is up to $150 Million this week. You can play in almost every state. There is really no reason not to play Powerball lotto this week. $150 Million is a lot of moolah!

Whether you win $12 Million or $150 million your life will certainly change if you win! You need to make sure you are responsible if you win and do anything rash. You can, however still have fun. You could use s portion of your lotto winnings to take a great vacation to the South Pacific or buy a new house. So good luck to all of you lotto players out there!

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  1. I thought as a Canadian I was eligible to enter all your cash contests but the link I received in an e-mail this morning for a $2,000 entry had all the markings for United States citizens only. If this is the case am I not able to win anything from your site?

  2. add me Jean

  3. Jean Reyes says:

    Dats gona be me jean :-)

  4. Tina Lavoie says:

    god bless