Best Ways To Scratch Off Lottery Games

If you’re like me, you love to play scratch off lottery games.  What I like best about them is you know right away whether you’re a winner or not.  What I like least about them, is that they make a mess!!  I hate the little scrapings that get everywhere.  And when you try to pick them up, they scatter everywhere, making a mess.  So I thought about this a little bit, and came up with a few ways of scratching off tickets.  Here are some things you can try, with the pros and cons of each.


Method 1

Use a coin, the tried and true method

Pros: It’s fast, efficient and does the job

Cons:  It makes a mess, your wrist can get tired



Method 2

Use your child

Pros: You can sit back and relax, your child thinks it’s fun and it keeps them entertained

Cons: Your child may ask to split your winnings, they may get bored of it, they may make a bigger mess

Method 3

Use your pet – place some food on your cards and hope that your dog or cat will scratch off the tickets at the same time

Pros: Accomplish two things at once — feed your pet and scratch off your lottery games

Cons: Your pet may also eat your ticket

Method 4

Let your fingernails grow for a month and use that

Pros: You have a built in scratch off mechanism, you don’t have to fish around for coins

Cons: Um, it’s pretty gross

Method 5

Use  a key

Pros: Keys are easy to find, we all have them

Cons: Your key gets jammed with scratch off shavings and you can’t start your car or open your front door

Ok, so some of these are a little off the wall, but they will work!  What really bothers me is that will all this new technology, and money that is spent on scratch off games, you would think someone would invent a better way.  Why can’t we have digital scratch off cards on our phones?  Can’t someone think of something better that doesn’t make such a mess and is so time consuming??

Soon you’ll be able to play online Lotto for free, right here at RewardIt.  No scratching, no messes, just play right from your computer.  It will be easy, fast, fun and FREE!!  Keep checking back for our launch.

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