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Doug Garfinkel loves free stuff, saving money, playing lotto and entering sweepstakes. He enjoys sharing inside information on these topics. In his spare time, he plays the drums and enjoys mountain biking and kayaking.

Are Psychics Real and Can They Help You Win Lotto?

Psychic Lotto

How many times have you asked yourself this very important question?  If psychics really can reach into another realm or communicate with other worldly forces , why don't they make pretty awesome money playing the lottery? Are Psychics Real? Do … [Read more...]

My Lotto Life

My Lotto Life

We've all played a game of chance for money by now right?  Maybe you like to play cards; perhaps you’ve placed a friendly wager on a sporting event or even bought a square or two at the annual super bowl party.  There’s always a bit of rush when … [Read more...]

Big Powerball Jackpot

Big winner - Powerball Jackpot

With the recent growth of the Powerball jackpot, we felt it was only right to talk about it; as well as some other facts about the popular nationwide lottery.  The current Powerball jackpot is estimated to be $305 million ($202.3 million cash value), … [Read more...]

Can “The Secret” Help You Win Lotto?

The Secret Lotto

  "The Secret" is a best-selling book and movie from 2006.  The basic premise of the book and movie is something called "the law of attraction", which basically means that thinking positively will attract positive life experiences to you and … [Read more...]

Why I Play Lotto

Why I Play Lotto

Remember what Maverick (Tom Cruise) and Goose (Anthony Edwards) used to say to one another in the famous movie Top Gun?  “I feel the need, THE NEED FOR SPEED!!!”  I suppose the same thing could be said about our desire to play the lottery or compete … [Read more...]