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The Economics of Lotto [Infographic]


Do you know how much money is spent on lotto tickets every year?  In the U.S. alone, we spend over $50 billion dollars a year on lottery tickets.  That's billions with a "B"!  Which states spend the most money?  Where does all the money go (besides … [Read more...]

What Happens To Unclaimed Lotteries?

Huge Lottery Winnings

What would you do with a million dollars? What about $23 million? How about a whopping $300 million? Surprisingly, there are people who win mega lottery jackpots each year but never step up to claim their prizes. The Biggest Unclaimed Lottery … [Read more...]

Lottery Around The World

Lottery Money

We all dream of hitting the lottery. From the famed Powerball to the rise of online lotteries on websites, winners walk away daily with lottery cash ranging from $1 wins to hundreds of millions of dollars. The biggest temptations are the mega-wins: … [Read more...]

Lotto Results Don’t Matter If You Miss The Claim Deadline

Don't Miss Out On Your Lottery Winnings

The allure of a big win is what prompts many people to enter lotteries and lotto, like the soon to be launched RewardIt Lotto drawings. However, the lotto results won’t matter if you miss the deadline to claim a winning entry. Here are some deadline … [Read more...]