Big Powerball Jackpot

With the recent growth of the Powerball jackpot, we felt it was only right to talk about it; as well as some other facts about the popular nationwide lottery.  The current Powerball jackpot is estimated to be $305 million ($202.3 million cash value), only about $50 million less than the largest Powerball winning ticket ever!  If you haven’t bought a ticket by now, what are you waiting for?  This cash prize is definitely worth a try.  For those who don’t know what Powerball is, Rewardit is here to help!

Big winner - Powerball JackpotWhat Is Powerball Jackpot?

Powerball is a American lottery game that is played in 44 states.  The advertised jackpot begins at $20 million but can certainly break into the the hundreds of millions, as it does quite often.  Although playing the lottery may not have the greatest odds, we think the consistency of Powerball jackpot ‘s large prize makes it worth playing every week!  What is the harm in trying?  There are two drawings per week, held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:59 EST.  If you can’t catch the winning numbers on television you can head over to the website where the numbers will be posted a short time after the drawing.

Biggest Powerball Jackpot Winnings

You will be a big winner no matter what Powerball jackpot you win, but here are some of the largest in lotto history!

  1. February 18th, 2006 – a single ticket shared by 8 co-workers at a Nebraska meatpacking plant won $365 million, which is the largest winning for a single ticket in lottery history.
  2. July 29th, 1998 – $295.7 million was won by 13 machinists in the state of Ohio.
  3. October 19th, 2005 – A family from Jacksonville Oregon won $340 million.  They chose the cash option, which brought their winnings down to “only” $164,410,058.03.
  4. August 25th, 2007 – A retired auto work from Ohio purchased a ticket in Richmond, Indiana that was worth $314.3 million.  The city of Richmond has sold two lottery jackpots where the winnings were at least $200 million cash.  Maybe we should start buying our tickets there!

I bet those prizes get you very anxious to go buy yourself a Powerball jackpot ticket!  Get involved with the lottery today and give yourself a chance to win huge cash prizes.  If you win, here are some ideas on ridiculous things you can buy.  And here are things not to do if you win!

Good luck!!


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