What You Can Do With 50 Million Dollars From Powerball

Powerball is currently up to 50 million dollars and that has us at RewardIt thinking, how would we reward ourselves with 50 million dollars? As the Powerball jackpot continues to grow month after month, millions and millions of dollars continue to wait for someone’s lucky numbers to be selected. Could you picture yourself be that lucky winner? We sure can dream that we are that lucky winner one day, but until then we will plan the crazy things we would buy for ourselves.

What You Can Do

The winners of the last Powerball, Rosa DeLeon and Reginald LeBlanc, who are coworkers at their local Costco in Massachusetts, won 50 million dollars on 12/12/12. DeLeon said she planned on purchasing a new house and taking care of her family with his winnings, while LeBlanc, who also plans on buying a new house, said he will invest his money in dental work that he has never been able to afford before. These great stories really make you think how you would truly reward yourself if you won.

While taking care of yourself and your family are the sensible things we are all going to do, if we were to take half of our winnings to do that we will still be left with $25 million which is more than enough for some fun. After investing for income I would start the splurging. My first purchase would be for a $800 hammerhead shark. Now who can say they own a hammerhead shark? Sure $800 might not seem like an expensive purchase when you have over $10 million to play with, but to house the shark costs up to $80,000.

The most essential purchase though would have to go towards a new home. I would love to move south to where it’s warm because I am such a beach lover I would buy a new home in Florida. For almost $3 million you can find a beautiful, luxury home in Orlando, Florida. This is the ideal spot for me because it’s close to everything: Disney World, Lake Nona and the various beaches of Florida. Although I am not too picky with all of the details of the house, my biggest requirement would to have my very own sauna.  I would decorate my home with pictures of friends and family making it feel like my comfy home.

The next million dollars I would spend would be for all my friends, family and of course myself. I would hold a private Beyonce concert. Now how cool would that be to hear the famous and beautiful Beyonce perform classic songs like Single Ladies, Diva and Check Up On It in my own backyard! There are so many cool things you can do with 50 million dollars. Leave us a comment below and tell us how you would reward yourself with if you won $50 million dollars from Powerball. Good luck winning everyone!

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